• Protecting Our Water and Air

  • Protecting Our Water and Air Icons

As the Great Lakes State, protecting our natural resources doesn’t just preserve our way of life—it protects our families, too. Michiganders deserve to have safe water, clean air and neighborhoods free of contamination. That’s why we’re diligently working to hold corporations accountable when they jeopardize the health and safety of our communities.

No one should ever worry about the water coming out of their taps or the air in their neighborhood. We will protect our communities by:

  • Holding corporate polluters responsible for threatening the health of our communities and expecting them to clean up the messes they make.
  • Increasing and enforcing quality standards to protect the water we drink, cook and bathe with from chemical pollutants like PFAS, lead and dioxane.
  • Ensuring all Michiganders have clean air to breathe and are able to live free from air pollution.
  • Prioritizing proactive testing and swift action to prevent another public health crisis like the one afflicting the lives of Flint residents, the businesses and economic prosperity from ever occurring in our state again.