Empowering our Students

  • Empowering our Students

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The cornerstone of a strong and healthy community is access to great education. We know Michigan can provide each of our students the freedom to forge their own future by fully supporting our public schools and world-class teachers.

When we invest in education, we are investing in our future. We will put our students on the path to success and strengthen our education system by:

  • Paying teachers what they deserve so they’re able to do more than just survive while educating Michigan’s next generation of scientists, thinkers, doctors, carpenters and leaders.
  • Keeping dollars in the classroom by holding all schools to the same level of accountability and ensuring our taxes pay for student education — not bonuses for education management CEOs.
  • Limiting classroom sizes to provide students with a learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and individualized student support.
  • Expanding access to all levels of education through universal early education and debt-free community college or skills training.
  • Equipping students at every stage of life with the skills they need to address Michigan’s labor shortage.
  • Ensuring literacy is a right through our B.O.L.D. education plan.