• An Economy that Works for Everyone

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In order to be a force in the 21st Century, Michigan must have an economy that works for everyone. That starts with letting Michiganders keep more of their hard-earned money while ensuring that everyone contributes their fair share to the state, we all call home.

We are stronger when our state’s hardworking men and women have the freedom to build the life that works for them. So, we’ve introduced policies that:

  • Level the playing field through a graduated income tax to put more hard-earned money back in 92 percent of Michiganders’ pocketbooks, while ensuring everyone, including the wealthiest, pay their fair share
  • Hold corporations accountable and push back against corporate welfare that lines the pockets of CEOs instead of being used to support Michigan’s workers.
  • Restore the Earned Income Tax Credit to its original level of 20 percent to provide tax relief for American workers with low to moderate income.
  • Raise the minimum wage to $12 by 2022 to respect the will of hundreds of thousands of Michiganders who pushed for a living wage through a ballot initiative in 2018.